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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Untangled: Course Reset

Yes, it was a tangled week or so with a to do list larger than time, but the schedule, efforts, and attitudes have been untangled and we are once again on route with regard to the fifth grade journey.

The lesson learned is to make good time for conferences so that there is not a back-up of all other matters during that time. Next year I'll more carefully plan field trips, special events, portfolio prep, and conferences so those events don't occur all in the same period of time. Each piece of the puzzle is valuable and each deserves good time, not a rush or pile-up of events.

This is our first year of a three-teacher shared model of teaching. The year has been successful overall, and when snags occur we look deeply at what created that tangle and how we can plan better as we think ahead. We keep a running list of ideas that we discuss regularly as we build, refine, and forward the program. It's a good process.

Today students will retake the test that didn't work out last week. The test has been updated so that all problems are clear to read and so that the data collected helps us create new RTI math groups at our PLC tomorrow. Each RTI block has a different focus, and the next focus will be a combination of fractions, decimals, and problem solving. Today's test will help us to see who has strongly grasped those related fifth grade standards and who still needs more teaching and practice.

A needed room clean-up is complete too. The new organization will serve upcoming PARCC tests and STEAM projects well.

Going forward, the following agenda will take the lead:
  • Math: PARCC prep and RTI fraction, decimals, and problem solving.
  • Reading: Continued "Lit Mix" RTI groups, progress monitoring, and lots of reading
  • Special Events: the fifth grade play, biography project, Boston walking tour, field day, naturalist study, "Amazing Race" naturalist field study, fun day, and Middle School transition visit and meetings.
  • Procedures/Reports: progress reports, Middle School transition forms, ordering, move-up letters, website revision/creation
  • Professional Learning: TLI, ECET2MA, Stearns Farm CSA Education, MTA Leadership, WTA website, MTA Summer Conference, Wayland Literacy and Math Institutes
The course is reset and ready for greater learning and leading. Onward.