Friday, April 29, 2016

Union Leadership Weekend

I signed on to attend a Union Leadership weekend which started this evening. Now in the last hours of the day, I have a few minutes to reflect, and my initial reaction is WOW!

How often do you get to sit down and really talk and listen to a dynamic group of individuals who are committed to the good work possible with unions? Not too often is my guess, and tonight I had the chance to do that. In a few short hours, I learned so much about the potential and possibility the Union holds for good work with regard to the children we teach. There's so much opportunity out there, and the key is to become involved and informed.

To empower this weekend more, I just found out that a team of educators I work with in regard to equity in education just received a nice grant to support a Massachusetts' educational event. That translates to an awesome challenge and opportunity to increase what we can do to serve children well. There will be more to come about that in later posts.