Saturday, April 30, 2016

Start with a Conversation

After writing about the DDMs, the State's education department reached out to me with lots of great questions and the willingness to sit down and talk about my experience. It felt great that someone took the time to listen, and then to respond. I will say yes to this opportunity.

This open door to conversation with a willingness to listen is well received, and made me realize that being open to conversation, new ideas, and working together to build and develop good ideas is, perhaps, the most important step when it comes to positive, proactive system work.

Last night I also learned about the open negotiation process. Unlike the ultra-private, behind closed door process, this is a process that's open to all--everyone has a voice. It's transparent! What I liked about that is the lack of secrecy, but what I worry about is the amount of time. Yet, I'm sure the first time it takes lots and lots of extra time, but after that, it seems like it might be a more efficient, focused process.

Open, honest, regular, and proactive communication leads us forward. With the awesome new tools today, tools that can videotape, photograph, scribe, record, and more, we have endless great communication vehicles. The process that we bring to those vehicles is essential, and we can't forget the power of sitting down at a table with others to have a conversation. This round table conversation is the process that's leading the weekend of study that I'm on and I must say, I'm learning a lot!