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Monday, April 25, 2016

Today's Focus: Math, Math, and More Math

Soon the vacation will be over and I'll be back at school. It's going to be a big math day today.

First Sarah and Avery will present their "Math at the Movies" multi-tiered story problem at school assembly. This post explains the process we used for the project. They're very excited about this. Take a look at their fine work below:

After that each class will practice a large number of math problems as they get ready for tomorrow's systemwide Middle School Transition Math test.

There will be a bit of time for reading Harry Potter too.

To get everyone psyched to be back and learning math we'll talk a bit about what it means to give the learning good energy, ask questions, and show what you know. Further I'll remind them that after all these tests we have lots of great explorations, field studies, and special events planned--that will  help.