Monday, April 25, 2016

NCTM Innovate8: Consider Voting for our Presentation

Note: Our team's proposal was accepted, but we were unable to get funding for the presentation. I'm sure we'll try again in the future.

Our teaching team submitted a proposal to present at NCTM's Innovate8. We're excited about telling our story about the strength of a shared teaching model, RTI, and PLCs with regard to math teaching/learning success, and we're even more excited about the prospect of learning from NCTM math enthusiasts next November.

The NCTM Innovate8 Conference is focused on "Engaging the Struggling Learner" which is a topic we are very interested in as a teaching team. We want to share what we do, and we want to learn what others are doing in this regard.

If you're inclined, you may help us reach our goal of presenting by voting for our presentation described below on this page:

Shared Teaching: Response for Intervention (RTI) Math for ALL Students
This is the story of how a shared teaching approach including classroom teachers, special educators, and teaching assistants utilizes Math Response to Intervention (RTI) Model for all students with a combination of observations, assessments, conversation, professional learning, a professional learning community (PLC), and strategic process to lead student success in flexible, responsive ways.

Thanks for your support!