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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Will To Do The Job Better

I believe that everyone holds the will to do it better. Where the difference comes is the passionate areas of ones life that wills us towards this improvement.

Most of us probably know an athlete that continually tries to up his/her game.

We also know cooks, parents, gardeners, and artists who spend their time day after day trying to get better.

The will to do it better is in all of us--we seek positive change and growth, and when we do this in collaboration with one another, the results often go beyond what we imagine to be possible.

How do we meet this will to do it better in schools?

How do we nurture and support each other's call in this regard?

Do we make this an inclusive, team-like process or is it reserved for only some?

The will to do it better is a great source of positive energy in school systems--an energy source we can maximize to grow our schools in ways that matter.