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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Teaching/Learning Communities of Tomorrow: Teacher Leadership

This morning's #satchat went way beyond the hour because the conversation about teaching communities of tomorrow was so good.

These are the powerful ideas shared on the chat that I believe will empower the schools of tomorrow:
  • Greater teacher leadership
  • Greater inclusivity of all stakeholders including students, families, educators, leaders, and community members with regard to educational decisions
  • Greater, broader training with regard to leadership skills and activity for educators
  • Shared leadership
  • Rethinking the definition of "school" to include less factory-like rooms, environment, models, speak, and action, and greater, open environments that go beyond the school building to meet students' interests, needs, and passions including:
    • new kinds of furniture
    • greater relationships and interactions with organizations and places outside of the the school environment
    • different kinds of learning spaces such as maker spaces, film studios, open study pods
    • more supported BYOD, bring your own device
    • tech as "guide on the side" in all learning endeavor at home and in school
    • less "one size fits all" action and decisions, greater focus on progressive, personalized learning models of growth and development
It's clear that we're moving beyond the narrow structures, roles, language, and definitions of old time schools to more open, inviting, and inclusive "schools" or teaching/learning communities of tomorrow. Thanks to #satchat for keeping this conversation alive and helping educators and others throughout the globe learn together in order to teach children well.