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Friday, April 08, 2016

Students Teaching Students: A Beehive of Activity

We're still aiming for those math fraction standards and we're making good gains. I gave the test again and then gave students a chance to correct their errors and ask questions. Once individuals completed their review, I assigned them to help a classmate. The room was filled with positive energy as students taught one another. This was the best I could hope for on a Friday afternoon.

Helping one another doesn't always work, but today it did and I was grateful for the collective investment almost everyone showed to bring the whole class up with regard to this content learning.

Next week and during the week after vacation we'll embark on lots of PARCC test practice and review to ready for the PARCC math tests. Students will also use TenMarks and Symphony math to practice at home for about 20 minutes a night. We're back on track and it feels very good!