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Monday, April 18, 2016

Presentation Style and Rationale?

I've given a fair number of education presentations over time, but I've never been satisfied with my presentations. To improve this, I attended Dan Callahan's Mass Teachers Association (MTA) Presenters' Bootcamp this fall. That was a great first step.

Now as part of the Teacher Leadership Initiative (TLI), I've been challenged to give more presentations and improve the quality of those presentations. That led me to Marcia Tate's book, "Sit and Get" Won't Grow Dendrites.  The book is a great next step with regard to making the presentations more interactive and successful. I'm looking forward to putting Tate's suggestions into action when I present at the Wayland Institutes and perhaps elsewhere this summer. I also want to read Pink's book, To Sell is Human, which I've heard is similarly profitable in this regard.

One reason that I like to present is that it's a great avenue to professional learning and growth. Preparation of the presentation prompts you to learn and apply that learning at high levels. Also by presenting you are often invited to travel to conferences that you wouldn't ordinarily attend due to cost, location, or time, but generally if you're presenting you are able to afford that time, travel, and cost. To attend great conferences is another way to boost your professional learning and practice. Further to develop your professional practice is to gain greater satisfaction and impact with regard to the work you do. It makes the job more enjoyable and meaningful thus enriching your life and experience overall.

Reading Tate's book like all good learning is humbling. She has so many terrific ideas for making presentations better, ideas I look forward to putting in place this spring. I'd also like to present elsewhere at a conference or two that I haven't attended yet, but recognize as a worthy learning event.

Do you present your knowledge, interests, and skills as an educator? If so, why do you make the time and effort to present? What presentations are your favorites and what do you do when you present that really makes a difference? If you'd like to share, I'm ready to listen.