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Sunday, April 17, 2016

How Can You Improve Your Service to Children?

Vacations are a necessary part of the school year because it gives you time to step back, think about your work and effort, re-energize, and set goals for the days ahead.

As I ponder this morning, I'm thinking about how I can improve my work in the days ahead?

First, I want to really think about the amount of personal attention I give to each and every child. Relationship building is key, and making the time to strengthen the relationship with every child is essential.

Next, I want to think about the current teaching targets. First is the upcoming PARCC tests which occur right after vacation. Students and I will review a large number of items and strategies to prepare.

After that I look forward to developing STEAM efforts to include greater student collaboration, voice, and full-circle work.

Then of course is our continued efforts related to naturalist study and learning. I want to look at the new MA science standards carefully as I lead this effort with fifth graders. I also want to continue to update the STEAM center to support the projects that are planned.

There's the research and editing related to the biography project too. As a team of teachers we'll help every child reach mastery with this project including their presentation at the biography presentation.

Finally there will be the celebratory, end-of-year events for this year's group and the introduction efforts for next year's students.

In summary, I can best improve my work at this time of year with thoughtful attention to the details and efforts listed above. There will be time to reflect on the entire year and professional learning efforts once summer arrives.

Continually as I move from big ideas to the specific ideas and effort related to my classroom efforts, I need to stop, chart the path, and then move ahead. This process makes the big think real in my daily efforts. Onward.