Monday, March 14, 2016

What Will the Day Bring?

Monday is always a busy day, here's today's agenda.

Math Tech Time
We'll start the day with some math tech practice.

School Assembly
We'll join the whole school at assembly. During assembly we'll follow the lead of a couple of fifth graders who will lead the whole school in math problem solving.

If it's not raining we'll go out to play, if it's raining, we'll have snack and a class meeting. If time permits, we may begin work on our classroom organization and portfolio work.

During math students will work on organization and portfolios. My homeroom students will study reading, science, social studies, and writing.

Book Groups
My book group will talk about fluency and continue to read Harry Potter.

Physical Education
There will be time for physical education class too--always a favorite for many students.

Team Meeting
I'll meet with the grade-level teaching team to review a number of decisions and planning thoughts.

Mathematical Mindsets Book Discussion
I'll meet with colleagues to discuss Boaler's wonderful book and how that book will impact our learning and teaching to come.

Garden Plans
I'll work with my husband and teammate to plan the education events for our local CSA, Stearns Farm. We're delighted to play a role on this local farm team.

A busy day, so it's time to get start. Happy Day PLN!