Monday, March 14, 2016

Massachusetts Educator Evaluation: Evidence Chart

This morning I decided to use a work document as evidence for my educator evaluation. I was reminded of the chart I created last year to lead this effort. This chart can serve you in the following ways:

  1. Simply click each link to find out about the evaluation element.
  2. Click the link at top to access the document.
  3. Copy and paste the document in your own file, then change the link in each box to link to your evidence instead of the explanation.

Last year I used this chart as my main evidence document. The evaluator (principal) was able to simply click the link and see the evidence that matched each attribute of teaching well.

I think this is an efficient and effective way to chart your effort.

Evidence Chart and Links: 
Standard I
Curriculum Planning and Assessment
Standard II
Teaching All Students
Standard III
Family and Community Engagement
Standard IV
Professional Culture
A. Curriculum and Planning

A. Instruction Indicator

A. Engagement Indicator

A. Reflection Indicator

B. Assessment Indicator

B. Learning Environment Indicator

B. Collaboration Indicator

B. Professional Growth Indicator
C. Indicator Analysis

C. Cultural Proficiency Indicator

C. Communication Indicator

C. Collaboration Indicator

D. Expectations Indicator

D. Decision-Maker Indicator

E. Shared Responsibility Indicator

F. Professional Responsibilities Indicator