Thursday, March 10, 2016

Teaching Well: Overarching Areas of Focus

With the teaching year routed in a positive direction, I'm thinking about the big ideas this morning, the places where I'll place my research and study in the days ahead.

Math Education
I want to read, research, write, explore, and implement multiple math strategies that strengthen students' math learning in positive, future ready ways. I want to share this study and effort with others, and read about and view others' similar efforts. It's an exciting time in math education and I'm delighted to be part of the positive change and development in this regard.

Fortunately I have lots of opportunity to develop this skill and maximize its potential with our shared teaching model at fifth grade. The TLI and #ECET2-MA2016 provide great opportunities for this too.

Adult Learning
As I move down the TLI road and desire to share teaching ideas more, I want to read more about adult learning theory and utilize those strategies.

Teacher Empowerment
I want to direct my work with our local, State, and national unions towards empowering teachers. When teachers are disempowered they are not able to do the work possible to serve children well. Often moving from disempowerment to empowerment includes simple structural, role, and routine changes that give teachers the time and expectations that lead to best possible work and impact on students.

Classroom Character, Community, and Care
How can we continue to develop social competency, team, collaboration, character, and care for one another in order to develop learning communities where every child belongs and contributes in meaningful, positive ways.

All of these study areas fit well into my position as an elementary school teacher as well as my interest in working with teacher candidates and other educators who are interested in developing their practice in collaborative ways.