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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Shared Teaching: Research Based Development

As we forward our shared teaching model for 2016-2017, how will we revise the model related to research and analysis in order to teach better.

In general the model has been a success. The areas for greater review and possible revision from my point of view include the following:

Work with all involved in the model to revise the schedule to better accommodate students' and teachers' needs and interests.

Maker Math
Review the year's math teaching and then deepen the hands-on learning projects and problems for richer, deeper, and more collaborative math teaching and learning.

Math Tech
Continue to develop a rich repertoire of math tech tools and use.

Re-look at the STEAM year and determine ways to strengthen this approach.

Community, Learning-to-Learn, and Growth Mindset
Look at how we develop and enrich these "soft skills" for greater learning and better communities.

Cultural Proficiency and Equity
Looking at these areas with a close eye on how we can enrich in order to teach all students well.

What else? I'll be listening to what colleagues, coaches, and leaders have to say with regard to this in the days ahead.