Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pattern Seekers Grant: Science in Action

Our Pattern Seeker Naturalist Study will culminate with
a visit to the beautiful Great Meadows in Concord, MA
thanks to Audubon's SUASCO grant funding. 
Our team is preparing a number of hands-on STEAM activities and nature explorations. There's lots to do to prepare for this engaging study.

First, we had to rearrange the schedule because the dates we first hoped to use didn't allow for enough prep time. Hence, we moved the dates ahead to complement the testing weeks and end-of-year study days as we'll have the prep and planning time as well as the good weather to do this work outside thus giving us more space and freedom to explore.

Next I met with our Audubon contact and coordinated our efforts with relation to the visiting scientist, field studies, parent/high school students training, equipment ordering, and classroom visits. The team is working on scheduling all these events as well.

The reading/science expert on our team has been preparing students well with lots of reading and research that supports this study. We also have Science Festival days planned just before the Science MCAS tests to review information in a number of blended ways.

Now we're heavily focused on meeting our mathematics, reading, and writing learning goals as we want to meet those goals prior to the PARCC tests in early May. Then as the year continues will increase our hands-on science efforts and outdoor education. This is the kind of choreography teachers engage in regularly to teach children well. Onward!