Wednesday, March 30, 2016

One Change Affects Another

Changes in schools don't happen in isolation as one change affects another.

That's why systems think in schools is essential.

That's also why really good communication and big think is important too.

You can't just announce a school change without thinking about the domino affect it will create and making the appropriate time and consideration for that domino affect.

How can we help each other out with regard to change?

First, change agents have to think deeply and broadly about how the change will affect all that are affected. For example, today's change had to do with CORI forms. Just a couple of months ago people who were monitored while with children did not have to have a CORI form, now anyone in our school who does not have a CORI form has to be monitored at all times even if it means walking to the restroom.

So what does that mean for change? It means the following:
  • Whenever possible, if you're expecting a visitor or enlisting volunteers for your class, make sure that they get CORI'd sooner than later.
  • If you are expecting a visitor that will not be CORI'd you'll likely need extra staffing support since a teacher cannot leave a large class of children alone, so if the visitor needs to leave the room he/she will need a chaperone.
  • If you've planned an event and didn't ask your presenter(s) to get CORI'd, you need to now contact those presenters and ask them to get CORI'd.
  • If you are taking chaperones on the field trip, you have to have the office check the CORI list to see who is CORI'd.
CORI checks help to keep students safe. These new, more specific safety rules with regard to CORI's will support our students. 

But, we can't forget that change in schools is not change in isolation, but instead change that needs to be well described, distributed, and reviewed in order to be instituted with success. 

Yet, another learning experience in the schoolhouse.