Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Heart and Soul: Nurturing a Sense of Team and Belonging

MIT Regional Swim/Dive Contest
Last night I attended the swim banquet. It was clear that coaches give heart and soul to the program. During the evening they spoke about every swimmer and diver on the popular team. So many parents also contributed to the night by planning and hosting the event, creating a stellar video of the season, and honoring the coaches.

As a parent, I am so grateful to those who give heart and soul to teams, clubs, and activities my children have been involved in. I could never replicate the sense of camaraderie, culture, and team my children have experienced as they participated in swim team, wrestling, football, religious programs, camps, The Food Project, multiple summer jobs, and signature learning events.

How do we make this kind of deep belonging and community a part of every child's life? Where do we direct our children to find these positive experiences of team? Who in your classrooms may be distanced from experiences like this, and how can we make a difference in this regard?

Belonging, contributing, sharing and developing interests and passions, mentors, and heart and soul make an important difference in our children's success, confidence, and future. How we create the important aspects of team and culture, and also, how we reach out to find that for our children and students makes an important difference in the lives of those we love and those we serve?