Thursday, February 25, 2016

We Are What We Do

Everyone knows it. We are what we do.

And guess what, people are watching, listening, and perhaps even following our lead.

Hence we have to take those words seriously, "We are what we do."

Yet, we are also human, and we won't always live up to the ideals, vision, and goals we set for ourselves. Even with our best of intentions, we'll make mistakes, err, and take a wrong turn.

In most cases, those around you will empathize, help you out, lead, and lend a hand, but there will be times when people will use our shortcomings to knock us down, hurt us, and punish us.

Some believe that punishment is the best way to change an individual, and perhaps, at times, it has a place.

Yet, mostly, we need to support one another; help each other make the right decisions; do good work; and move forward with grace and good will.

Working with the public day in and day out calls us to be our very best all the time. Fortunately, we mostly work with people that support us in that call which makes it easier to do.

We are what we do. Say it 100 times. Then do your best work. :)