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Monday, February 01, 2016

To Those Who Blocked Dreams

To Those Who Blocked Dreams
"D R A F T #2"

I'm not sure why
It was so important to you
To block my dreams
And halt my words.

I'm not so sure why
You didn't trust my vision,
Listen to my words,
Work with me.

As I look back
I see you standing like a boulder
Not listening
Not engaging
Not trusting
Pushing me back, back, back

To a place
Of frustration

This could have occurred
Because my
Confidence waned
Words were clumsy
Heart beat loud

Not opening doors
Inspiring imagination
Inviting you
To dream with me
And see the possibility

Did urgency become
A dark wall that separated
What could be
from what was?

Today is different
I know a dream is a seed planted
And a good dream will grow
Taking its own path

And when nurtured with love, confidence, care
And kindness
The dream's roots
are strong
and its future sure.

To those who blocked my dreams
I now know how to defend myself
And move these happy dreams forward
To places where they belong
Places where they will grow strong
Places where they bring promise

This is a good place to be.