Thursday, February 25, 2016

Changing Rules of Positive Practice

What rules related to professional practice are widely held and respected in your organization's culture?

I would guess that in most organizations those rules have changed somewhat in the past many years--what was once the mainstay protocols for an organization may be quite different today.

It's good to be mindful of changing rules and protocols, and it's good to inquire when you're not exactly sure what the expectations are.

There's been lots and lots of change in educational organizations in the past ten years. In my educational world, these following changes have occurred (note that there are positive, welcome aspects of each change, and in some cases, more challenging and less positive aspects of change too):
  • onset of multiple tests and data sets related to teacher accountability and evaluations
  • new educator evaluation system
  • more leaders and the addition of coaches and specialists
  • common core standards
  • more planning time (yeah!)
  • PLCs
  • RTI
  • new report cards - move to a standards based report
  • tech integration
  • growth mindset and learning-to-learn objectives
  • greater need and expectations for ELL education
  • new curriculum units
  • new building configurations
  • three different grade changes - 4th to 5th to 4th again.
  • move to a shared model of teaching
  • new and more mandated trainings.
Fortunately it seems like there is less change with regard to quantity in the year ahead. I know that I'm ready for a reprieve from the dramatic level of change and new initiatives that have marked the past ten years to fifteen years of teaching. I generally look forward to change, but too much change can be troubling.

As I look ahead, I'm looking forward to having same protocols and rules in place for a while so I can focus in on the work I do with students each day.