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Monday, February 01, 2016

The Morning After: Teaching and Learning after ECET2

Yes, I have a bit of jet lag as I ready for the teaching/learning day today. The flight was delayed and I didn't get back home until after midnight. Then I needed some time to relax before sleep. Though tired, I'm encouraged and enthusiastic thinking about how I can "celebrate and elevate" my students with the knowledge and information I gathered at ECET2.

First, I shared the link to ECET2 resources with my colleagues as I think many may want to join the ECET2 network as they develop their professional work.

Next, I'll make some time today to share the conference highlights with my students using the many images and videos I collected during the weekend. I'll tell the students about the trip as an example of the way people share and develop ideas online and off in our culture today. I'll ask them if they have anything to add to the ideas I collected on Twitter and wonder with them how we might bring those important ideas to life in our classroom community. I find that when you enlist young children in the discussion of big ideas our teaching/learning community develops with strength.

Then we'll apply that discussion to today's math learning as we study fractions in depth beginning by making our own foot-long and decimeter rulers using line length, color, and folding to demonstrate fractional parts. This hands-on exploration will help students to think deeply about what fractions are and how benchmark fraction amounts relate to each other.

It will be a good, good day!