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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sharing Ideas

As you may note, I share ideas often.

Some ideas receive response, and some do not.

Why share if there is little response?

I believe it's important to state ideas and questions respectfully if we feel the ideas and questions have merit. If an idea may make a difference for one individual, the share is worth the time and effort.

Too often people do not share the good questions, work, or ideas that they have--ideas, questions, and work that could potentially empower and forward others.

It's not always easy to share ideas and questions. This is especially true when your words are not received well or even worse when those ideas and questions are met with negative responses and actions. Negative responses and actions can frighten or even halt people from sharing ideas or engaging in debate, yet we can't be afraid to share as long as that share is done with good intent and respect.

As I continue down the teaching/learning road, I will continue to share questions, ideas, and efforts if I believe that share will make a positive difference. Onward.