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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Equitable Programming and Time to Shine?

Educators, leaders, and coaches alike face the challenge of planning programs that give voice and choice to all children while also making room for those who are ready and willing to shine.

I was reminded of this issue when I read the local headlines about music students who have been invited to the All State Music Festival. We have a dynamic music program in our school system, a program that is made up of multiple offerings for all students as well as programs for those who make the commitment to excel.

It's the same with our sports programs. There are multiple teams and given the relatively small size of the school system, it seems like anyone who wants to be on a team can find one with space to participate. Also, similar to the music program, the sports teams have places for students to shine too in district and State tournaments and meets.

In every school system and school, I think it's important to give every child the opportunity to participate in any area that they are interested in, or in any area that the school community deems important to a child's overall well-being. I also believe it's important to provide opportunities for students to shine too. I think we can do both.