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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Education: Thinkers and Doers

Is the thinker-doer equation in education correct?

Are there more thinkers than doers?

Does this matter?

In many ways, I find myself at the fringe of a large number of educational initiatives and efforts. As a practitioner, I'm constantly on the look out for ideas that matter, resources that help, and challenge that makes me better as an educator.

That search has led me in countless directions--directions which have mostly made me a better teacher and given me strength to do my work well. I'm grateful for all of this support.

At this juncture though as I seek greater depth with regard to what I can do with and for children, I'm wondering about the thinker-doer equation. I'm wondering what money is best spent in education? I'm wondering which initiatives truly result in better efforts and work for children? I'm looking for the richest connections with regard to my practice as a teacher of young children?

Who are the best leaders when it comes to managing the thinker-doer equations in schools, systems, communities, states, the nation, and world? Who is making sure that the efforts are streamlined in ways so that the learners are receiving the lion's share of the attention, funding, resources and practice?

I will continue to seek, speak, and utilize the best resources, consult, and support that I can find to teach my students well. I'll also continue to be mindful of the thinker-doer equation in my own work and the work of others too. What do you have to say about this?