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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Blame or Work it Out?

When things go wrong, we have a choice to blame or work it out.

It's easy to blame, and blame may seem like the only solution when you don't have the confidence or power to work things out, but if possible it's best to work it out.

Most people everywhere are reasonable. They want the best for themselves and others. True, there may be a few here and there who cannot see beyond themselves, but most people everywhere are reasonable people. They have lived through their share of ups and downs and want positive solutions to conflicts and problems.

Hence rather than blame, make the time to work it out. Listen to the story. Share your perspectives. Work towards a solution.

Conflict and problems are a part of life. Varying perspectives exist. Together we can work through the issues, take on each other's perspectives, and do a good job. Onward.