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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Back to the Classroom: Teaching Well

After a host of big idea posts, it's always necessary for me to right my teaching/learning ship in the direction of the classroom work I do each day--that's the mainstay of my professional work.

Today I'll go in and complete a few overdue forms for a colleague and then clean up the classroom as I noted in a previous post.

As I clean (classroom aerobics!), I'll think about the adage "practice what you preach" and wonder how I can better my work to meet the goals of teaching math well, bridging the achievement gap, respect for every learner, an environment that promotes everyone's best learning/teaching, and respect for students, colleagues, leaders, families, and community members.

It's easy to pen ideas, but it's much more difficult to put good ideas into action with good process, speak, analysis, reflection, revision, and advocacy. That takes time, the kind of time that most educators everywhere contribute to the children they care for and teach each day. Onward.