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Monday, January 11, 2016

Rethinking Classroom Set-Up (Yet Again)

Like boulders on my shoulder, the need to rethink the class set-up is weighing heavily on me. A host of new furniture has left the room crowded so I have to think about what we're going to keep and what we're going to take away. All of a sudden the room feels small, and that's probably partly to do with the fact that the new desks and chairs are bigger. What's a teacher to do?

I think that some morning this week when I'm fired up with extra energy, I'll come in early and begin getting rid of things such as extra chairs, tables, book cases and supplies. None of the items I plan to get rid of are in great condition, so it won't be a big loss or anyone's potential gain. I think I can move to one supply closet too which will make for more space.

Since we're working with our new shared teaching model this year, a model that I really like, the year has found us evolving as to what's best for the schedule, organization of materials, and classroom set-up. Perhaps a solid night's rest tomorrow and a nice, big cup of coffee tomorrow morning will set the stage for a Tuesday early morning clean-up and set-up. That will make everyone, students and teachers including me, feel better. Onward.