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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Prepare for the Unexpected

I have a suspicion that an unexpected event is about to occur. Typically with the exception of true surprise and events we cannot account for, I'm a big fan of planning ahead when possible. I find that planning ahead mostly results in better work. In this case, however, planning ahead may result in an unexpected event, and maybe not.

When unnecessary unexpected events occur, I typically am not too happy, but I have found that response results in no better regard, hence this time I'll take what I get. If the unexpected event does not occur, I'll follow the plans as set. If the unexpected event does occur, I'll seek the consult of those in charge as to what to do next. There's lots of variables involved in this situation. On the scale of things, it's a matter of very small importance.

Preparing for the unexpected, in some ways, may be more important than planning for the event itself. Let's see.