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Friday, January 15, 2016

Possible vs. Impossible and Teaching Well

When I left work this evening I realized that my job has morphed from a somewhat impossible job to a possible job. Years back when I lamented the expectations of my job, those lamentations were real--the ability to do a terrific job was nearly impossible given the number of leaders, mandates, and expectations.

Now, with the shared model, a good job is within reach. The expectations, though still challenging, fit into the week's allotted in-school and at-home work time. There's a sense of satisfaction and steady growth that makes me excited about going to work, collaborating with my team, and teaching well.

When teachers complain that the constraints are too tight or too many, please listen. When teachers make a chart showing you how expectations outnumber the hours in the day, heed their words. When a teacher is overwhelmed and discouraged, help them out.

The reality is that some teachers do have jobs that are bigger than life and that's an issue to consider. And then there are some like me right now who have expectations that are realistic and motivating. I like the job now more than ever and that's because good work and positive growth are within my reach. Every school should aim for work conditions like this.