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Friday, January 15, 2016

Math Review Game: Measurement

Students will review a large array of measurement facts today. It's not going to be a deep, project based lesson today, instead we're reaching for exposure and a broad-brush review.

I find that the following rules and organization support a game like this.
  1. Make mixed ability teams of four
  2. Make the spokesperson someone who doesn't speak up as much.
  3. Tell students that all team members have to agree on the answer before the spokesperson speaks.
  4. If one group doesn't get the answer right it goes to the next group for an additional point and continues to move forward with one point added each time until a group gets it right.
  5. If the students get antsy, call an all-play round and give every team who gets it right the point.
  6. Pass out white boards and pens that teams can use as they play. 
  7. Keep the pace quick and use a microphone if one's available to give it that game show feel.