Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Engaging Flocabulary: Give it a Try!

I typically weave short videos throughout a lesson to provide students with introduction, repetition, or summary. Students look forward to singing along, dancing with, or simply just watching the videos. The videos provide an engaging way to review important vocabulary and concepts related to the daily learning focus.

When I say, "It's time for a video," the typical response is,

"Flocabulary Please!"

Students love the upbeat hip hop rap and song that Flocabulary offers. Important concepts are animated and include humor too. The clever rhymes give new voices to many concepts across all facets of the curriculum. The short animations include characters that represent many cultures and employ lots of models and explanation in their thinking.

In addition, Flocabulary's "Week in Review" is a great ice breaker when it comes to current event discussion and interest. These short introduction's to the world news are produced with two levels, one for the K through grades 4 or 5 crowd, and one for grades 5 to 12.

Take a look at Flocabulary's Digital Citizenship video below to try it out.

Right now you can sign on to Flocabulary for a free 75-day trial. I recommend!