Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Are You a Member of the Polygon Club?

Students design a character that is a member of the Polygon Club. Students complete a membership card for the character (see below). Students might want to design the club too. Characters can be designed online with any drawing tool. I used Google Draw. They could use animation tools or paper/pencil. This can make an engaging display in the school as one way to invite all students into the language and concepts of geometry. Let me know if you have ideas to add to this.  - Maureen Devlin
You need to have the right “properties” to join the Polygon Club. This is an exclusive club, not an inclusive club. Three dimensional solid figures, figures with curved lines, and lines alone are not invited.
  • Thank you, The Management: Sammy Square and Robie Rectangle

Polygon Club Rules
The Polygon Club is a special club open to shapes that have the following properties:
  • closed figures
  • straight sides
  • two-dimensional (2D), plane figures

All members are welcome to use the restaurant and pool.

Irregular polygons may use the irregular polygon park.

All quadrilaterals may use the quad playground.

Only those figures with two sets of parallel lines can use the parallelogram jacuzzi.

Only those with all equal sides and four ninety degree angles can use the square hot tub.

Only those with all equal sides can use the rhombi tennis courts.

Those with equal adjacent sides may participate on the kite crossfit course.

Only those with four ninety degree angles may play on the rectangular trampoline.

Only those with one, and only one, set of parallel sides may use the club’s trapezoid skyline room.

Polygons with more than four sides may use the hexagon and octagon fitness rooms.

Polygon Club Membership Card
List all of your polygon properties below:


Rooms that you have permission to enter include the following highlighted areas:
Polygon Restaurant
Polygon Pool
Irregular Polygon Park
Quad Playground
Polygon Video Room
parallelogram jacuzzi
Square Hot Tub
Rhombi Tennis Courts
Kite Crossfit Course
Rectangular Trampoline
Skyline Room
Fitness Rooms