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Friday, December 04, 2015

Teachers.Do Extraordinary Ideas and Resources

Take a look and consider contributing to Teachers.Do
A number of months ago I got a call from Meenoo Rami, an educator I admire and author of Thrive, a book that lent me terrific ideas and support for the work I do. Meenoo asked me to join a start-up teacher share platform, Teachers.Do. Teachers.Do is an open resource share platform for educators everywhere.

As I've noted before I really enjoy being part of something new, especially something that has potential to empower educators in ways that help us do our jobs well. Teachers.Do is a quickly becoming a wonderful source of multiple supports and resources that all educators can access in order to teach well.

The more educators that get involved, the better Teachers.Do will become. Therefore, I recommend that you take a look and join the collaborative effort to share ideas and resources that will help all of us to do our work as educators with greater effect.