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Friday, December 04, 2015

Teacher Leadership: Solving Problems Together

Yesterday I had a number of wonderful conversations with colleagues about issues that impact our work with children. The range of issue was broad, but the common denominator was a clear investment in what's best for children.

As I listened to the educators speak, I realized that many are spending time trying to make good change and impact teaching and learning well, yet we don't have that much time to share these ideas and work together around these cross-grade issues.

I want to think more about this because if many are working for similar result on their own, the impact won't be as strong as if many work together for those kinds of changes. How can we better share our ideas, let each other know about our goals, and work together for positive effect?

We currently have Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) in place, and that vehicle has prompted lots of great, collaborative work. That's one step. We also have a faculty senate that seems to grow with strength each year. That's another positive way to work together to do good work. Our principal also hosts an open weekly newsletter that any staff member can add to if he/she has ideas. That too is a terrific way to create team and share information.

As I think about ways to grow schools for best effect, I'll continue to think about how teachers can work together to effect positive growth and change directed toward teaching children well. This is a good problem with lots of potential to think about.