Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Educational Organizations: Systems of Service

As I sit at the hospital today while a family member has surgery, I am reminded of the great potential systems of service hold for every individual's life.

I'm struck to think about the systems of service we provide in an education organization. This makes me ponder the following questions?
  • Who do I serve and how do I serve them?
  • How can I provide better service?
  • How can we as educators collaborate more to serve children and their families better?
  • How do we dismantle the roadblocks to good service?
  • How do we create better paths together?
  • What role does communication play in this process?
  • Do we spend time well in this regard?
First, I serve students. What can I do for them? First, provide a "home away from home" atmosphere. Second, coach well with positivity, knowledge, and care. Finally, assess, learn, and improve as I continue down this path.

Next, work with colleagues to coordinate our efforts to serve all children well. Make the time to meet, target, help each other, and collaborate to teach well.

After that, hone communication and time management skills so that most time and speak is spent towards positive effort and meaningful collaboration.

Further lead and teach with a positive demeanor and care for those I work with, partner with, and serve.

When we look at educational organizations as systems of service, what would you change for the better? Where do you prioritize your efforts and development in this regard?