Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Home-Work Balance: Sick Children

I'll run my plans in this morning and then return to take care of a sick child at home. Every working parent knows the tug that occurs when you have a child that needs at home care. It's one of the struggles of working and parenting. Fortunately at my place of work there's time built in to take care of sick family members, and that helps.

Fortunately a beloved student teacher who was just hired by our school system for a part time job will lead the class. The students know and love her so they'll be happy. Also I'm leaving a fun lesson that should keep their interest. One I hoped to teach, but can't delay any longer.

As someone mentioned on Twitter last night, this Presidential campaign has not talked a lot about public education. They also haven't talked a lot about work conditions and family/work balance. Instead, a few big issues have taken focus in the campaign talk.

How can we build a better working and parenting world? What do we need in order to have what it takes to care for our loved ones with strength and success? How can our laws affect our lives in ways that positively impact the lives of everyday people, not just those who have the time and money to be heard?

I am fortunate to be in a position to be able to stay home to take care of a sick child. I know that there are others for whom this would be a hardship. It's time we started looking more broadly on what our can can and should be in order to support a strong, positive populous.