Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Collegial TenMarks Exploration

Our fifth graders across the system are using TenMarks this year.

This afternoon a teacher who has used the platform for some time will provide a workshop for all fifth grade teachers.

After using the platform in earnest for a couple of months, I am looking forward to the workshop. I have a number of questions, I'm curious about including the following:
  • How does this teacher use the platform to forward student learning?
  • How does she use the reports to inform families and inspire students?
  • How does she personalize the assignments for students who struggle and students who are advanced?
  • Does she regularly use the "jam sessions" and "assessments?"
  • What are her favorite data reports and how does she use those reports to inform instruction?
  • How does she integrate this learning venue with other venues that we typically use?
This is a good time for the team to meet with regard to TenMarks since we've all had the chance to use it with our students. This is an example of professional learning that matters.