Monday, November 23, 2015

Student Blogs: An Important Teaching/Learning Tool

As I read through university students' blog posts this morning, I was struck with the fact that their semester-long blog of analysis and reflection related to multiple math education articles, methods, and information creates a body of work and thought. When one looks at the work as a whole, the student or future teacher emerges. Teacher candidates will be able to return to their blogs to inform future teaching/learning efforts as well as to reflect upon their career path from their days as undergraduates to multiple roles in education.

As I read their posts, I was also cognizant of the fact that their blogs and my responses allow me to have a "personal conversation" with each student via reading and writing. These posts give me an inroad to each students' needs and the needs of the class in general with regard to the course topic: Methods of Math Instruction.

Hopefully writing these blog posts will also help each teacher candidate to continue or begin a professional path of regular reflection, a path that will impact the work to teach well.

The blog is an important teaching tool today. One that can help every learner gain greater depth and understanding of the content and, most importantly, of themselves as they continue their learning journey.