Sunday, November 22, 2015

Community Leaders and Communiciation

Daily my son's college sends out updates via Facebook. It's a quick reminder that we're part of this larger community, a community that contributes to many.

That's one important way to communicate as a community leader--one way to keep the community informed about important events and perspectives. It's one good way to translate community culture.

Communication is a key ingredient to any community. When communication is lacking, a community can lack the depth, connection, and culture necessary to meet its mission and do good work. It's the synergy and share in and about a community that makes any community strong.

Think about the communities you belong to. How do you learn about that community's actions, focus, contribution, and success? Who leads those communities, and what do they do to lead the community with strength and good work? Does the communication serve the community well by sharing the good news, conflict analysis and resolution,  and setting direction for efforts and events to follow? Does the communication invite the voices of many so that the community does a good job with inclusive participation and work?

As teachers we are community leaders of our classroom or subject-area communities. It's important that we continually communicate with all members of the community in ways that matter. it's also important that we invite the voices and participation of all community members, and that our goal setting is shared amongst the wide team of students, families, colleagues, leaders, and community members too.

My son's college is a good role model to follow when it comes to positive, inclusive, and proactive communication. Their messaging leads the community in ways that matter to the college and most importantly to the success of each student. Their blend of image, video, words, and links gives everyone in the community something to share and something to be proud of. I hope to do the same for my classroom community too.