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Sunday, November 15, 2015

MTA's Presentation Bootcamp

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the Massachusetts Teachers Association's Presenter Bootcamp led by  +Dan Callahan, MTA's Teaching and Professional Learning Specialist. The day was a wonderful opportunity to think about what it takes to make a quality presentation. The information shared from adult learning theory to presentation elements to the tools one can use to make a memorable presentation will help me teach children to present well as well as to give a better presentation myself.

During the day I also had the chance to talk to a number of Massachusetts' educators about their professional journeys and current work. It's always great to hear what people are doing in their systems to forward education.

We tried out new presentation tools too. I created a very short presentation on Haiku Deck, a presentation that will serve to inform an upcoming discussion our team may have about building a strong learning/teaching culture. I liked the simplicity of Haiku Deck and the fact that the platform has a large library of images that are automatically published with their Creative Commons citation (in the upper left hand corner).

Over the past many years, The Massachusetts Teachers Association has served as a link to wonderful professional learning for me. Their new offices in Quincy, MA provide a terrific place to learn. I recommend that you keep an eye open to upcoming offerings offered by MTA staff at MTA headquarters and elsewhere with regard to professional learning. It's a great way to develop your professional knowledge with teachers from systems throughout the State.

Engage - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires