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Sunday, November 01, 2015

Math Word Wall Supports Math Talk and Focus

This week I had the chance to consider math discourse. Inspired by wonderful lessons, I thought about my own teaching and my students' learning. One area of instruction I thought about was vocabulary. When we discuss sophisticated language quickly some have a hard time keeping up with the new words. In these cases, a reference at the front of the room can help students make connections and write down the words. That led me to think more about the math lessons I'm teaching and all the new vocabulary included in those lessons. As recommended by many, I plan to make sure that my word wall for math is located in the area where I typically lead the class, the place where our whole class discussions are held. That way students and I can use the word wall to make sure that we're using the best math words as we discuss a topic. I'll likely change the wall unit-to-unit so that our most current and important words are up. Further, I'll add the unit's big questions to the wall too so as a class we can continually use that information to foster good discussion and unit learning.