Saturday, October 31, 2015

Untangle to Lead to Good Work

We often have to take the time to untangle all that we do to make sure that we're investing our energy, time, and effort into work that matters.

As I read and reflect about numerous articles related to education and politics, this need for untangling strikes me.

With regard to my own work, there are many paths that I'm invested in and each professional path affects the other.

I'm working to build optimal communication skills in order to advocate for and inquire about issues and efforts that positively affect what I'm able to do to teach children well. This has been a challenging process for me due to to the evolution of the teaching/learning role in schools today, vibrant share with my PLN, and my own research and reading related to teaching well

Curriculum Share and Development
I am a proponent of inclusive, shared teaching/learning design--a kind of design that's brain-friendly, student-centered, and well-researched to meet students' needs and interests. I believe that when this is a thoughtful, collaborative process, the results are generally very good leading to good work and care for children.

Good Process
As the book, Intentional Interruption, describes, good work depends on good process, and that good process depends on adequate inclusive and transparent problem analysis.

Restructure of Roles, Scheduling, and School Structure
I believe we need to continue to look at roles, scheduling, and school structure in order to maximize what we can do for and with each child to promote success.

Deep Teaching and Learning
My focal point is math teaching this year and this is the area where I'm investing most of my curriculum efforts.

Shared Teaching Model
I'm working closely with a large group of educators, families, and students to successfully teach all fifth graders at our school. This is a worthy challenge that has been met with significant support and affirmation.

There's lots to do to untangle our efforts and right our paths in directions that matter. Our paths intertwine with one another and in this regard good communication, discussion, and structure will help us to achieve our goal which is to teach children well.