Monday, October 26, 2015

The Naysayer

The naysayer finds fault before considering a new idea.

The naysayer is often close minded to new think and creates obstacles for new ideas.

The naysayer is cautious man or woman who knows that new ideas and thought can wreak havoc. His or her cautious nature makes us take note, stop to think, reconsider, and revise.

There's a sandpaper like rub between the naysayer and the promoter or forward mover. Together they can create good work if they are willing to consider each others point of view. Alone, both have the possibility of greater problems and less effectiveness.

We are all rooted to ideas, think, practice, and beliefs of old that have served us well, and when those constructs are challenged, we may all react as naysayers first standing our ground with strength. Yet, if wise, we will entertain new ideas with open minds and good process. On the other hand, we will all want to forward our work and effort particularly where we see room for growth, change, promise, and possibility, and we will cringe at the retorts of those who want to keep things the same, yet we will be wise to listen to their counsel.

None of us are either naysayer or promoter, but all of us play a version of one role or the other at times. The wisdom in both comes from strategy, empathy, listening, observation, and keen thought. What is best and why? Typically it's never one or the other, but some of this and some of that which results in good change.

Polarization stymies good work while collaboration and consideration of all ideas on the table bring us forward. This is difficult to learn particularly when we are championing ideas and process we are passionate about, but the truth is that none of us have all the answers and it's in our work together that we make a difference most of the time. Agree?