Monday, October 19, 2015

Teachers' Contract Thoughts

I've always thought of the contract as supports for educators, but now I see the contract with a broader lens. I see the contract as supports for teaching well.

When educators have what they need to teach well, students have the opportunity to learn with strength. This is a very good objective of the contract.

So as new negotiations begin, I'll begin thinking about the contract we have in place and how that can be revised to better support all educators so they can teach well. Specifically I'll analyze the following questions:
  • Which supports on the contract truly help us to live well and do a good job by students?
  • Which supports do we need that are not listed on the contract?
  • Which supports on the contract exist mostly in writing, but not so much in our working environment? Do those supports need to be revised or put into place in better ways?
  • How have the expectations for schools and educators changed since the last contract, and what can we do to update the contract to better support the change in expectations?
As a Union member who has taken a renewed interest in the Union, I'll think more about this in the days and weeks to come. If you have any thoughts or ideas in this regard, please share.