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Sunday, October 04, 2015

Productive Pattern

The year is taking shape. Introductions, routine setting, and initial assessments are essentially complete. Now it's time to dig in and stick to the productive patterns of teaching and learning established.

Teaching Math
Moving the math curriculum ahead with multiple online and offline resources and activities.

Analyzing the data, creating flexible groups, targeting the learning experiences, and teaching students well.

Field Studies
Completing the permission slip, learning about the new payment processes, collecting signatures and payments, and learning a lot on every trip.

WPSF Grants
Following up with leadership with regard to signatures and submitting grants.

Weekly Lesson Planning and Response
Review online data, prepare materials with attention to needed accommodations, and respond accordingly.

Parent Conferences/Showcase Portfolios
Students add reflections and learning exemplars to portfolio. Discuss student strengths and challenges,  share portfolios and student assessment, and set learning/teaching goals with family members.

Teacher Leadership Initiative
Research and study the data related to shared teaching models, adult learning, and effective collaboration. Work on capstone with focus on instructional leadership.

Study, contribute to, and utilize platform to support teaching well.

Educon 2.8
Process paperwork.

Education Evaluation
Meet with administrator to review goals. Continue to work on goals, revise and enrich as needed, and collect evidence.

Teacher Candidates
Prep lessons, respond to blog posts, coach lessons and website design/preparation, investigate 3D printing and other topics with students.

Study, listen, consider, and contribute.

Child Study
Attend meetings, contribute as needed.