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Friday, October 02, 2015

A Successful Global Cardboard Challenge Arcade Day

Before I forget I want to jot down a few highlights and ideas for next year with regard to the Global Cardboard Challenge.

Once again the project was a big success at our school thanks to the ingenuity, creativity, investment, and support of so many students, families, educators, leaders, and community members. Gentle Giant Moving Company in Marlborough, MA donated lots of big boxes, families donated recyclables and other supplies, and many educators in our building and family members donated time too.  

Students' inspired us with their creative ideas and countless, wonderful games, play stations, and even a puppet show. All the students in the school had a chance to view and play the games during lunch recess and many classrooms participated by making their own games.

Already fourth graders are thinking about what they'll do next year to make their fifth grade cardboard arcade game successful.

One student approached me during the event to tell me that he wanted to make this year's movie and I'm sure he'll begin working on that soon. He took many short videos during the event that he'll share.

Ideas for next year include the following:
  • Set up a big create table with containers of supplies outside for the first create day.
  • Include duct tape, glue, popsicle sticks, paint, paint brushes, plastic sheets, recyclables and more in the create space.
  • Like this year collect a lot of boxes, provide an introduction, spend some time on design plans, and then let students create on our large playground. 
I think this project is a keeper because it helps to foster team, creativity, problem solving, perseverance, and learning in engaging and empowering ways. Thanks to the Imagination Foundation for supporting this work around the globe because it's making a positive difference in so many ways.