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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Positive Math Teaching Day

It was a great math teaching day.

After reviewing routines, I posed the question, "What properties are true for 0,1, and 2." Students answers were terrific. It was amazing how many common truths they could come up with for those three numbers.

The next classes were treated to an introduction (or re-introduction) in some cases to the Marcy Cook tiles. I really like that tool for teaching mathematical thinking. I also found out that this activity is available as an app.

Tomorrow we'll continue our foundation unit for the math year. Though a bit time consuming, I believe this unit is valuable since it's setting the stage for positive math routines, math talk, and the vocabulary, main concepts, tools, and structures we'll work with all year as we study the fifth grade math standards and more.

This is the part of the job I like most--teaching and learning with children.