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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

More Math

As the class math program takes shape, we are moving in many coordinated paths including the following:

Math Talk
The students are eager to discuss math. The journal pages we are using to study landmark numbers are serving as a good source of math talk topics and discussion. As I hoped the journal pages are also working well with regard to using the math language that sets the foundation of our math year as well as supporting enrichment talk and work too.

Review and Practice
Multiple online programs are helping students practice and review previous skills and concepts as they get used to the online learning process. Students are using Symphony Math, TenMarks, and Khan Academy mainly right now to solidify their basic understanding. Teachers are able to monitor and respond to this study with online reports.

The assessment reports are coming back and now it's time to analyze the reports and organize the program with greater detail with regard to each child's needs.

Home Study Routines
A mixed home study routine has been created that includes some online practice and some paper/pencil journal page work. The home study pages are included online and helpful hints and resources are also listed online for student/family support.

Learning to Learn
Now that students have had a chance to learn routines, vocabulary, and classroom tools and resources, it's time to deepen their understanding so that they can independently utilize supports, make good choices, and ask for help when needed.

What's Next?
We'll continue to study landmark numbers in depth and then we'll use that knowledge to deepen students understanding of place value concepts, knowledge, and skill as well as the procedural knowledge related to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division algorithms. We'll weave some coordinate grids, order of operations, and problem solving knowledge into this work as well.