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Friday, October 09, 2015

Friday Thoughts: 10/9/2015

The long weekend is upon us and it's a welcome time to think about the school year so far and spend some extra time with friends and family members.

As I think about the past week, I'm delighted that we've really had a chance to teach deeply in every subject area. I was happy to watch students dig in when it came to identifying and discussing the properties of landmark numbers. It was also great to see students practicing the methodical skill of plotting coordinates on a graph.

Students, family members, and colleagues had a chance to respond to a survey about our shared teaching model. A quick glance of the data demonstrates that there are lots of affirmatives and some good ideas for growth too. I'll do a more detailed analysis of the data in a week's time once everyone who wants to respond has a chance to respond. That analysis in addition to a number of readings and some initial research will continue to inform our shared work at the elementary level.

At the University level, I have a lot of thoughtful blog posts to respond to. Students' instincts and commitment are right on, and I look forward to reading their deep thinking related to math workshop, online tools, problem solving and the Montessori approach.

It's that time of year when the details rise to the top. The big thinking and plans are in place, but now it's time to do that specific work that truly impacts the depth, breadth, and success of the teaching/learning programs. Onward.