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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Using Twitter with Greater Definition: Twitter Lists

I continue to be a big fan of Twitter.

At this turning point in my professional career, I want to use Twitter with greater definition.

In the days ahead, I will define my Twitter lists with greater detail so that I have lists to read that keep me up to date on the information I want to know and think about to do my job well and develop my craft.

I haven't really taken advantage of Twitter lists, but now I will with the following actions:
  • I'll create a list for each area of my professional direction.
  • I'll add names of people who inspire me and are invested in my areas of interest to each list.
  • I'll make a pattern of reading the lists on a regular basis to inform my craft.
My journey with Twitter has been characterized by the following steps:
  1. Cautiously joining and tweeting.
  2. Carefully looking at tweets, numbers.
  3. Favoriting and announcing blog posts and other links on Twitter.
  4. Chats.
  5. Less concern about numbers and a greater focus on share, chat participation, and chat moderation.
  6. Now: greater definition in order to use Twitter to forward the deep learning in specific areas related to my goals.
I continue to enjoy the open international share Twitter affords to individuals from multiple disciplines and perspectives. Now I'm looking forward to using this amazing learning tool with greater definition. Onward.